Professional translation means transporting content. The basics for that are language skills and the knowledge of cultural specifics. On top of that, a quality translation always pays attention to the communicative intent of the message.Christopher Köbel

For Businesses

Your ideas and products are the focus of DeFrEnT. In a translation, the style of your corporate language should remain as recognizable as your terminology. What's more, we value

  • consistency with extant texts
  • analysis of form and function
  • observance of cultural and country specifics

so you can successfully address your foreign target group. To achieve this, we stay in close contact to our customers and are open for your ideas and wishes at any time.

For Academics

Whether you want to publish or submit your thesis, DeFrEnT hunts down your errors. On top of a simple correction, we have a look at the form and content of your text to guarantee that it conforms to the highest scientific standards:

  • observance of formal requirements from the table of content down to the smallest footnote
  • clear structuring and intelligible argumentation
  • consequent use of terminology and scientific language

so that your thoughts find the right expression. Additionally, we facilitate your research by delivering concise and striking abstracts.

For Consumers

Besides translating letters or other private messages, DeFrEnT can help you with your communication with the authorities. Especially for the language pair German and French, where Christopher Köbel is a certified translator. Thus, he can translate

  • civil status documents like certificates of birth, marriage or death
  • customs documents, for example if you want to take your domestic animal abroad, or
  • administrative decisions and notices, for example from foreign police or other authorities
in a legally binding way.