Errors have crept into the text between the lines.Michail Genin (1927-2003)

All texts are different, even those who are superficially similar. That's why we examine your text before sending you an individual quote. On our Contact page, you will find our email address Just send us your text and we will get back to you.

You would like to know which factors influence the pricing?


The most important factors for translations are the language pair and the text length in Standard Lines.

Also, we class texts, depending on text type, tone, style, frequency of special terms, degree of liberty in formulating, etc., into three difficulty classes: Easy, Average and Hard.

Most texts will be "average". Standard correspondence often is "easy" and therefore cheaper. "Hard" texts are often professional or scientific texts with special terminology – or marketing texts which need to deliver as much "punch" in the foreign language and the foreign cultural background as the original did!

Additional factors for pricing and the success of the translation alike are your preference for globalised or localised translation, as well as the so-called „skopos“ of the text, the purpose or aim that it should fulfill: Does the translation serve your own understanding and can be executed "quick and dirty"? Will the text be disseminated inside your enterprise or published to a greater audience? Is it meant to be purely informative or should it provoke emotions? The more information you give us, the better your translation can fulfil its purpose - the skopos.

If all you need are specific informations from a foreign language text, ask us about a "translation brief"!

Proofreading and Editing

The price of editorial work depends mostly on the language - French or German - and the standard page count plus the service level you choose:

Opt for proofreading if you just want to rid your text of all grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax errors.

Opt for a full editing if you additionally want to get proposals with regard to a reasonable text structure, a style that conforms with the text type, a more easily understood syntax, possible inconsistencies of the text and the formal expectations of scientific works.

For matriculated students and non-profit organizations or charities, we offer a reduced pricing schedule. Please do not hesitate to ask us.