Long before the most recent data scandal, IT Security experts warn that data sent over the internet often is poorly protected. Most of the order data that we receive and send, too, is being transmitted via unencrypted email. It's so convenient, isn't it? And not all that confidential.

If you want to transmit sensitive private or business data, however, we offer to exchange it

  • by email encrypted with one of both standards, openPGP or S/MIME or
  • SSL-encrypted via our dedicated ownCloud-Web App hosted in Germany (strict German privacy legislation) or
  • via your secure server.

Naturally without any surcharge!

Icon: PadlockIf you are interested in exchanging your email certificates with DeFrEnT to be able to send and receive encrypted email or if you want to make use of a secure server, just ask us.

Also, we will confirm our electronic public keys on a second, independent way, for example by phone, postal service or, if feasible, in person.