DeFrEnT translates your texts. Whether specialized texts, manuals or information material, product descriptions or web sites, we are your trustworthy partner.

While specialized on the IT and Games branches, Christopher Köbel has job experience with other branches like production industries/machine construction as well as private and business letters.

Since April 2012, Christopher Köbel is certified by the court of Gießen as certified translator for the language pair German-French. He can thus create legally binding translations of your German or French documents. In the field of the humanities, DeFrEnT translates scientific texts.

Just send DeFrEnT your text with the job details, and we'll make you an attractive offer.

We work under observance of common quality criteria, like the native speaker principle and, on request, the four eyes principle.

Proofreading and Editing

DeFrEnT proofreads your texts to eliminate spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. Beyond simple corrections, we can optimize your text for syntax, expression, style, structure, understandability and clarity as well as for conformance to formal guidelines.

Proofreading assures that your text conforms to the rules of spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Editing includes proofreading. Additionally, we verify if the text structure and your style are sound and offer advice on readability and possible contradictions.

If you wish, we can as well check for formal issues (e.g. page layout, footnotes, citation style, ...) and adapt your work to your faculty's stylesheet, the expectations of a publication or your corporate identity.