Christopher Köbel of DeFrEnT offers the following translation services for the languages German, English and French:

Order processing

  1. Send us your file(s) or submit your paper document(s)
  2. We have a close look at them and send you a non-binding offer
  3. You commission us.
  4. We process your texts (research, translation, proofreading)
  5. We deliver your translation and send you an invoice or you pay upon collection

You will make our work easier and save yourself and us the effort of unnecessary enquiries and research if you tell us as much as possible about your translation project up front.

  • From which source language into which target language(s) do you need translations?
  • Who is your target group and what is the purpose of the translation? Translations that are only intended to further your own understanding are written differently from those intended for the authorities or for publication. Is the translation primarily intended to provide neutral information or does it need to spark emotions?
  • Are there previous versions or parallel documents, glossaries, terminologies or style guides that you can provide?
  • Do you have any hints or wishes that we ought to take into consideration?

The more you tell us about your project, the more likely the translation will match your ideal. For larger projects, we are happy to keep in regular contact with you during the project to ensure the best results or to make partial deliveries.

All sensitive information about your order remains protected at DeFrEnT, because Christopher Köbel is subject to the professional code of the BDÜ. Corporate customers sometimes conclude separate confidentiality agreements. However, sensitive information is then often transmitted via unencrypted e-mail. To avoid this contradiction, you can send us e-mails encrypted with PGP or S/MIME or exchange files via our SSL-secured NextCloud. Ask us about secure communication!


DeFrEnT usually charges for translations according to the German “standard line” of 55 characters including spaces, while we invoice proofreading and terminology work at an hourly rate. The exact per-line rate depends, among other things, on the combination of languages, the type of text and the purpose of the translation, but falls usually between €1.45/line and €1.75 €/line, plus 19 % VAT. There is a minimum order value of €20.

For larger projects, we will be happy to agree a flat rate with you or offer you the purchase of line quotas so that you can make your upcoming translation needs less dependent on budget cycles.

For activities other than translation – e.g. OCR/typing, research, editing, terminology work – and for translation projects that are difficult to assess in advance, we consider an hourly fee of 85 €/h to be the fairest solution for both sides, as is customary in other service sectors.

Social Commitment
Upon presentation of a student card or a disabled person card or, for organisations, proof of non-profit status, we grant a price reduction in the amount of the German VAT: Ask us for your 19 % discount!

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